The objective of PrimaryAI is to significantly advance theoretical and practical understanding of how to introduce upper-elementary students to artificial intelligence with a curriculum integrating AI and life science. Using problem-based learning as a pedagogical strategy, PrimaryAI seamlessly integrates computational thinking, artificial intelligence, and ecological science concepts, creating deeply engaging learning experiences for upper elementary science education.

Learning Sciences

PrimaryAI’s problem-based learning interactions will take place in an adventure game environment where its gameplay blends problem solving, exploration, puzzle-solving, role-playing, and strategic action.

Learning Environment

PrimaryAI engages students in immersive problem-based learning experiences that integrate artificial intelligence and life science. In the immersive learning environment, students utilize an in-game semi-autonomous robot, disguised as a baby penguin, to remotely collect images, audio recordings, and other data to serve as evidence for explaining recent changes to the penguin population and surrounding habitat. Based on authentic science approaches in which scientists use camouflaged robots to infiltrate and investigate penguin colonies in real-world ecological research.

  • The PrimaryAI adaptive scaffolding system provides hints to students to help them manage tasks and their learning. This enables students to keep being engaged in the game scenario without having difficulties.
  • The PrimaryAI block-based visual programming interface enables students to gain hands-on experience with computational thinking through the exploration of AI-based methods applied toward solving an immersive life-science problem scenario.
  • The PrimaryAI debugging tool enables students to visually inspect the classification results of the already-trained image recognition model for classifying species of animals that are present in an image. In this manner, students engage with key AI concepts of computer vision, machine learning, and systematic bias within the context of an immersive ecological problem.

PrimaryAI is being developed to run on PCs (Windows and macOS), Chromebooks, and tablets (iOS and Android). Supporting these platforms will enable implementing the learning environment in a broad range of school contexts.

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