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Banner-v9-1930 x 710In contrast to linear narrative media such as text, animation, and film, INSPIRE creates rich, interactive animated narrative-centered behavior change experiences that are dynamically generated. The central communicative goal of INSPIRE interactions will be to convey the rich interconnections that underlie adolescents’ decisions, these decisions impact on their well being, and their impact on their peers’ well being. Building a tight feedback loop, the resulting patient outcome data is used by a reinforcement learning optimization system to learn refined computational behavior change models.

Because of the synergistic interaction of the medical, health psychology, and computer science research objectives, it is anticipated that the project will produce substantial advances in the theory and practice of healthcare behavior change. The project offers significant opportunity for a transition to patient-centered preventive healthcare through an innovative computationally-enabled behavior change model that is tightly integrated into clinical practice workflow.

By taking advantage of the high degree of adaptive interactivity offered by its personalized behavior change environment, INSPIRE holds significant potential for creating compelling interactions that promote health behavior change and self-efficacy. By providing a computationally-enabled behavior change test bed, the project will yield findings on how to design the most effective behavior change interventions that find broad application in preventive healthcare.




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