team-photoThe Intelligent Augmented Cognition for Teaching (I-ACT) project brings together a team spanning computer science (artificial intelligence, AI-based learning technologies) and education (learning sciences, teacher training), which is supplemented with additional expertise in educational psychology and economics. PI Krista Glazewski (Indiana University, Instructional Systems Technology) is an expert in teacher professional development, problem-based learning, and scaffolding, and PI James Lester (Computer Science, North Carolina State University) is an expert in AI-based learning technologies. They are joined by Co-PI Thomas Brush (Instructional Systems Technology, Indiana University) and Co-PI Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Learning Sciences, Indiana University) who bring expertise in teacher professional development, problem-based learning, and computer-supported collaborative learning, and Co-PI Bradford Mott (Computer Science, North Carolina State University), who brings extensive experience in AI-based learning technologies. The team has a history of collaboration on NSF supported research, and they are joined by senior personnel and consulting collaborators in educational psychology, AI-based learning technologies, and economics, as well as a panel of expert teachers.

Principal Investigators

Krista Glazewski (Indiana University Bloomington)
James Lester (North Carolina State University)

Co-Principal Investigators

Thomas Brush (Indiana University Bloomington)
Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Indiana University Bloomington)
Bradford Mott (North Carolina State University)

Computer Science

Fahmid Morshed Fahid
Seung Lee


Kara Cassell

Digital Art and Design

Justin Phillips


Haesol Bae
Ed Gentry
Carrie Feng
Daeun Hong
Jessica Vandenberg
Tianshu Wang
Vivian Zou

Alumni and Prior Contributors

Danielle Boulden
Candace Buggs
Yuxin Chen
Kirby Culbertson
Karyn Housh
Barry Liu
Tanner Phillips
Keri L. Rodgers
Asmalina Saleh
Robert Taylor
Suraj Uttamchandani

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