ecojourneys team photo
The EcoJourneys project brings together an interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in artificial intelligence, teacher education, science education, the learning sciences, collaborative learning, and technology-rich learning. PI James Lester (North Carolina State University, Computer Science) is a computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and applications of AI in adaptive learning environments for K-12 education. PI Cindy Hmelo-Silver (Indiana University, Learning Sciences), brings expertise in problem-based learning, learning sciences, and computer-supported collaborative learning. Co-PI Krista Glazewski (Indiana University, Instructional Systems Technology) is an expert in problem-based learning, scaffolding, and teacher professional development.

Principal Investigators

Cindy Hmelo-Silver 
James Lester

Co-Principal Investigator

Krista Glazewski 

Computer Science

Danielle Boulden
Seung Lee
Bradford Mott
Kyungjin Park
Jonathan Rowe


Haesol Bae
Candace Buggs
Yuxin Chen
Ed Gentry
Emily Hyatt
Karyn Housh
Tanner Phillips
Asmalina Saleh
Suraj Uttamchandani

Digital Art and Design

Kirby Culbertson
Cassandra Ortiz
Justin Phillips


Barry Liu
Robert Taylor

Alumni and Prior Contributors

Amanda Dean (Digital Art and Design)
Katherine Shanahan (Education)
Darren Woodland (Digital Art and Design)

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