Crystal Island: Uncharted Discovery is a game-based learning environment for upper elementary science education with a focus on landforms, navigation, and modeling.  It is an action-adventure educational game that integrates elements from adventure games (a rich storyline, a large cast of characters, exploration, and situational problem solving) with elements from action games (time pressure, obtaining power-ups, and collecting objects). It features a science adventure set on an uncharted volcanic island where a group of stranded explorers are trying to contact the outside world for rescue.

In Crystal Island: Uncharted Discovery, students play the role of a shipwrecked adventurer who undertakes a series of quests to develop the skills to locate and build a communication device needed to send out a distress signal. Students explore the island from a third-person point of view and can manipulate virtual objects, converse with non-player characters, and use resources such as a virtual tablet to complete the adventure. Students are asked to complete multiple quests that develop skills in problem solving, map reading, and navigation during the course of their adventure.

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