LeoAndLeahWelcome to the Leonardo Project, an NSF-funded grant that was undertaken as a collaboration between the Friday Institute and the Intellimedia Group at North Carolina State University. Our goal in this project was to design, create, and conduct research on a digital science notebook that incorporates an intelligent virtual tutor we call Leo.
Our aim has been to target 4th and 5th grade physical science units and, to date, we have implemented the 4th grade modules of Electricity & Circuits, Magnetism, and the 5th grade module of Air & Weather. This guide has been created for teachers wishing to implement the CyberPad to help students learn about these science concepts.

This guide will provide you with:
  • An outline of the Electricity & Circuits curriculum
  • An outline of the Magnetism curriculum
  • An outline of the Air & Weather curriculum
  • Information on how to navigate the software
  • Ideas about using inquiry, scaffolding, and argumentation
  • Implementation information
  • What to do before and after implementation
  • Troubleshooting tips

Before we start, please watch a short video showing you the benefits of the CyberPad as well as feedback from students and teachers.

Here is another short video showing you the benefits of using the CyberPad from a fourth grade teacher’s perspective.

If you are visiting this website for the first time, we ask that you view all the pages in order. Afterwards, please consider this a tool that you can go back to in order to reference different segments.


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