Headshots_GreenBoarderThe Leonardo project brings together an interdisciplinary research and development team from Computer Science and Science Education. PI James Lester (Computer Science) and co-PI Bradford Mott (Computer Science) bring experience in research and development of intelligent tutoring systems and intelligent multimodal interfaces for STEM education. Co-PI Eric Wiebe (STEM Education) brings experience in science education with an emphasis on graphic-enhanced elementary science education and science notebooks. The team is rounded out by co-PI Michael Carter (English/Science Writing), who brings a background in science writing and communication.

Principal Investigator

James Lester

Co-Principal Investigators

Michael Carter
Bradford Mott
Eric Wiebe

Computer Science

Samuel Leeman-Munk
Andy Smith
Robert Taylor


Courtney Behrle
Lindsay Patterson
Angela Shelton
Ruth Sirkin

Digital Art and Design

Kirby Culbertson
Sarah Hegler

External Evaluation

Danielle Brown (WestEd)
Cathy Ringstaff (WestEd)
Michael Timms (Australian Council for Educational Research)

Alumni and Prior Contributors

John Bedward (Education)
Elysa Corin (Education)
Seung Lee (Computer Science)
Barry Liu (Computer Science)
Eleni Lobene (Psychology)
Christopher Mitchell (Computer Science)
Marc Russo (Digital Art and Design)
Wayne Sheffield (Education)
Donna Winston (WestEd)

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