The Health Quest project brings together an interdisciplinary research team with expertise spanning educational game development and health research that has a history of successful collaboration. PI Dr. James Lester (Distinguished Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Center for Educational Informatics, North Carolina State University), specializes in technology-rich learning with intelligent tutoring systems, natural language processing, affective computing, and virtual agents and has many years’ experience leading federally supported research on personalized learning technologies for K-12 STEM education. Dr. Elizabeth Ozer (Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine and Director of Research, Office of Diversity & Outreach, University of California – San Francisco), is a Counseling and Health Psychologist. She has many years’ experience leading federally supported research on adolescent health, self-efficacy and behavior change research, and preventive interventions in primary care, with a current preventive health focus on technology. Dr. Ozer is the Co-PI and the Health Quest Site Lead Investigator for UCSF.

Principal Investigator

James Lester, PhD (North Carolina State University)

Co-Principal Investigator

Elizabeth Ozer, PhD (University of California San Francisco)

Computer Science

Bradford Mott, PhD (North Carolina State University)
Robert Taylor (North Carolina State University)
Barry Liu (North Carolina State University)


Randall Spain, PhD (North Carolina State University)

Public Health

Carlos Penilla, DrPH, MS (University of California San Francisco)

Public Outreach

Donald Woodson, MEd (University of California San Francisco)

Digital Art and Design

Kirby Culbertson (North Carolina State University)
Justin Phillips (North Carolina State University)

External Evaluation

Cathy Ringstaff, PhD (WestEd)

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