Student Discovery Center

The Health Quest Student Discovery Center serves as the access point to the Health Quest Career Adventure Game and features interactive video interviews with health professionals. Students can watch these videos to learn firsthand how professionals in biomedical, behavioral and clinical research fields became interested in their career fields, how they prepared for their careers, what excites them the most about their fields, while also getting to explore some of the day-to-day activities of these scientists.


Career Adventure Game

The Health Quest Career Adventure Game is an immersive narrative-based game that introduces middle school students to the exciting world of health research careers through a series of interactive episodes in which students take on the role of biomedical, behavioral, and clinical researchers. Through engaging social simulations centering on inquiry-based learning and featuring problem-based learning scenarios, students are introduced to a broad range of research careers. Students can take on the role of researchers and work collaboratively with virtual characters in the 3D story world to solve challenging research problems in each of the Health Quest disciplines.

The Student Discovery Center and Career Adventure Game are under active development and will be available for exploration later this year.

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